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Here you can find some tunes of harpsichord works I created few years ago, hopefully you will like it.
Find more tunes at Tune 1000 site.

J. S. Bach
Little Preludes and Fugues
BWV 961 2-voice Fugue in c-moll
BWV 953 3-voice Fugue in C-dur
BWV 952 3-voice Fugue in C-dur
BWV 899 Prelude & Fuguetta in d-moll
BWV 900 Prelude & Fuguetta in e-moll
BWV 895 Prelude & Fugue in a-moll

Six Little Preludes
BWV 933 Prelude in C-dur
BWV 934 Prelude in c-moll
BWV 935 Prelude in D-dur
BWV 936 Prelude in d-moll
BWV 937 Prelude in E-dur
BWV 938 Prelude in e-moll

Twelve Little Preludes
BWV 924 Prelude in C-dur
BWV 939 Prelude in C-dur
BWV 999 Prelude in c-moll
BWV 925 Prelude in D-dur
BWV 926 Prelude in d-moll
BWV 940 Prelude in d-moll
BWV 941 Prelude in e-moll
BWV 927 Prelude in F-dur
BWV 928 Prelude in F-dur
BWV 929 Prelude in g-moll
BWV 930 Prelude in g-moll
BWV 942 Prelude in a-moll
Francois Couperin
Ordre VI
Les Baricades Misterieuses
Le Moucheron

Ordre XIV
Le Carillon de Cithere

Ordre XVII
Les Petits Moulins a Vent

Ordre XXII
Le Trophee

Le Tricoteuses

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